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Waste & sanitation workers

Skin, lungs & bones

Occupational hazards suffered specifically by the women manual scavengers in India

5 minutes read

Street vendors

Perils of street vending

Occupational hazards that exist for women in the street vending work

5 minutes read

Manufacturing workers

A virus’ tryst with women workers

An analytical and informative read on how COVID-19 impacted the informal workers in two manufacturing industries

6 minutes read

Domestic workers

Work, work and more work

What working conditions look like for domestic workers in India- is your home a safe workplace?

4 minutes read

Garment workers

Counting the cost of fast fashion

A take on the human costs associated with a concept more infamously known for its environmental impacts

5 minutes read


From the Editor’s Desk

The Blue Divide in March 2021

Snippets of what The Blue Divide brought to you in March 2021

2 minutes read