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Project Head, Founder of WIP  

Jaagruti Didwania has been involved in impact-oriented work ever since she was a teenager. As a student, she ran her own city-wide community initiative for underprivileged kids of her hometown for 7 years. After finishing her undergrad in Economics from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, she worked with Citizens Alliance (a pan-India organization focused on planning and implementing social programs). She then spent two years in development economics research, working on a project at IIT-Kanpur and with a professor from HBS (J-PAL SA); and another two years in impact consulting working with FSG (a global strategy consulting firm focused on impact).

Through her professional journey, she has worked on projects across various impact areas, including education, skilling, agriculture, sanitation, and food and nutrition. She is most passionate about women’s rights and equality, and wants to use market-oriented solutions to solve some of the issues being faced by women today.

Project Head  

Sejal Maheshwari is very passionate about bringing about a change in the world, and believes quite strongly in the power of words and effective communication. Prior to completing her master’s in Economics from The Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Sejal had worked as a freelance journalist with Times Of India, edited the college’s research magazine and written several articles. She frequently writes about socio-economic observations using a very poignant writing style.

Sejal had also started and spearheaded the Pune chapter of Feeding India, an initiative to bridge the gap between hunger and food wastage by providing meals to the ones who need it the most.

Since 2018, she has been working with Teach For India as a manager in their Alumni and team that aims to amplify the impact of all stakeholders involved in the ecosystem of education improvement. At a personal level, she is particularly passionate about women empowerment and continues to pick her battles on a day-to-day basis.

Design Lead  

Amiya Shaikh is a researcher, writer and a self-taught artist. As a student, Amiya had worked as a design head for Fergusson College’s annual fest and an illustrator for Fergusson College and Gokhale Institute’s magazine and newsletter. She deeply cares about dissent and democracy and had initiated a column ‘display of dissent’ in the college newsletter. After her master’s, she opted for a degree in population studies and went on to work as a researcher with Haqdarshak (an organisation that helps in bridging the gap between the government and citizens). She completed her M.Phil in population studies and is working in the public health sector as an M&E expert at Institute of Health Management, Pune, where she addresses the most pressing health concerns of marginalized and disadvantaged communities and focus on safeguarding and empowering vulnerable adolescent girls living in rural and urban slum communities.


Sanisha is currently pursuing Statistics Hons. from Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi, and wants to make a career working with data. She is passionate about dancing, singing, reading, and photography! She hopes to see a better world for women and the queer community. On a random evening, you will probably find Sanisha singing along to Frozen.

Editor and Advisor  

Shruti has a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Governance from TISS and has worked as a Chief Minister’s Fellow at the Government of Maharashtra. Her research interests lie in Urbanisation and Sustainable Development, with a deep curiosity for the future of mobility and transport – often grappling with questions about the role of women, who ought to be central to these themes. Shruti is a bookworm and animation nerd, with a keen love for East Asian culture, history and languages; and has a dream of becoming a bona fide polyglot.

Tech Partner  

Aveek is passionate about technology and innovations and is responsible for all the technical aspects in Coderweb. He has over ten years of experience in web design and development with a roster of both International and Indian clientele. Having completed his graduation at Calcutta University, he did marketing in Switzerland but quickly realized his true calling was in websites and design. When he’s not in front of his computer, he likes swimming and playing his PS4.

Design Partner  

Black Elephant Digital is a full-service agency founded in 2018 by Nitya Balagopal. As the digital vertical of Copy Desk Creative Services, established in 1992, the agency has added a new dimension to long associations and completed the 360 degrees media solutions bouquet to create cohesive brand experiences. ‘Black Elephant’, a cross between a ‘black swan’, and the ‘elephant in the room’, gives name to the inertia that prevents brands from driving significant and impactful digital marketing. With a vision to make digital marketing transparent, BE works with a multitude of brands across industries.

As a woman-owned business, BE is committed to helping move the needle for women-owned businesses and initiatives enhancing gender diversity and inclusion. BE is the digital partner of choice for brands like the DPS network of schools, Alpex Solar, Jaycee Punching Solutions, and WinPE (Women in Private Equity), amongst others.

All our current and past interns

Aditi is a final year student pursuing Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi. She’s passionate about working for a cause for she strongly believes in the saying – ‘We can rise by lifting others’. In her free time you can find her scrolling through multiple interviews and following the latest meme trend.

Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi

A 2020 graduate with a BA in Economics from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, Khushi is deeply passionate about development design and impact aid. She sincerely believes in the power of structure, data and strategy to solve for the greatest issues facing humankind. Additionally, she is a prolific Bharatanatyam artistartiste and performer and she thoroughly cherishes books, stories and people.

St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai

Kshiti is a TYBA student of Psychology and Sociology and is actively engaged in impacting the psychosocial welfare of marginalized communities. She believes in empowering local systems to address the unique issues concerning diverse communities. An ever-curious learner, she enjoys good literature in any form during her free time.

St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

Marina has completed her MBA from IIM Calcutta and is working at Tata Administrative Services (TAS). She believes that kindness and empathy is what will make the world a better place. In her spare time she loves drawing, reading and binge-watching. More likely to be found caught up in the fictional world.

IIM Calcutta
Tata Administrative Services

Niharika is a Psychology student at Jai Hind College, Mumbai. She is especially interested in psychological research and gender studies, although she is always open to learning about whatever she can. Niharika enjoys reading, listening to music, and is a gymnastics coach.

Jai Hind College, Mumbai

Preksha Jain is a student presently completing her BA focussed in Psychology, with minors in Economics and Sociology, from St. Xavier’s College. Passionate about the environment, art, writing, editing and painting. She is fascinated by the power of media, art and languages, and hopes to devote her career to the same.

St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

Deepshikha is currently a Philosophy postgrad student. She swears to be a painfully shy and quiet person, and others agree – till they get to know her well. Books, music, and art fill up most of her time, as she thinks about the ways she could make the world better.

Dept. Of Philosophy, University of Delhi

Kavin is an economics student who dabbles in poetry and art on her good days. She’s as disillusioned with academia as she’s passionate about it. She’s always striving to look at things through a social justice lens. She finds respite in her bookshelf, a hot plate of biriyani and Tamil film music from a bygone era.

Madras Christian College, Chennai

Shreya has recently graduated from TISS Mumbai and is a UN IUIF fellow. She is passionate about using empathy as a political tool to make this world a better place for everyone. She hopes to see a world full of intersectional possibilities. She aims to convince future generations to pursue humanities and social sciences as she believes that it is intrinsic to making this world a beautiful place with people who think critically. You will see her reading and cuddling in her bed, especially when it is raining outside her window

Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

Mitravinda Kakarla is a student of Statistics from P.S.G College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore. She loves working with data and trying to analyze it. She is a bibliophile and in her free time, you can find her clutched to a mystery thriller.

Ammara Qaisar is a student of Sociology from Lady Shri Ram College for Women. Ammara describes herself as a cross between Phoebe from FRIENDS and Amy Santiago from Brooklyn Nine Nine – she likes that she’s a little weird and tightly wound. If she isn’t occupied with some work or other, you can find her sleeping (sometimes a couple of times a day). She believes that whatever she has been blessed with isn’t hers to keep but hers to use for the benefit of others, and ‘kindness’ is her word to live by

All our current and past guest collaborators

Rhea Rego is a student of Sociology from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. She is passionate about social research, understanding consumer behaviour as well as exploring culture studies and enjoys healthy discussions on the same. In her free time, you shall find her playing with the neighbourhood dogs, reading new books and sipping on chai.

Shehanas is a researcher and an academician. She is a visiting Faculty at Flame University and is also associated with EPOD, India. Her interest lies in gender, livelihood, environment and sustainability. She holds a masters in development studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

Shruti Takalkhede is a blogger, a writer, and a traveller. She completed post-graduate in Rural Management from IRMA, Gujarat and works as a Senior Sales executive at GCMMF (Amul). She has published articles in The Hitavada newspaper, WordPress, Quora etc. and has been the co-author of five anthologies. She also runs an Instagram page by the name @chandas_proud_daughter which revolves around motivation, life and love.

Ayushi Singh is a writer, reader, and learner. She graduated with honours from University of Delhi with a major in History. She is devoted to her country and thus aims to work towards the upliftment of the lower sections of society. She is presently aspiring to become an IAS officer.

Minha hails from the valley of Kashmir and is an alumnus of Ashoka University, Delhi. She is passionate about all things Gender, Politics and figuring out what really makes it worth it to get out of bed every day. While she continues her futile exercises of trying to understand the latter, she likes to write, talk and mostly learn about the former two.

Ranveer Aujla is a third-year student pursuing BSc. Economics at NMIMS, Mumbai. He loves to write articles, stories, and poems. His passion also lies in Photography which he has showcased on Instagram(@travelsnaprepeat). He is driven and hopes to build a future in the field of content writing/creation.

Ashmita Deb is presently studying for a Master’s in Political Science from Assam University. She is detail-oriented, hardworking and always strives for perfection in her work. You’d find her in the library checking Political Science books or sipping lemon tea with a thought on how to elevate the present conditions of society.

Ronit Shah is a student at St. Xavier’s College. He is passionate about environmental conservation and wishes to make a significant contribution to make the world a sustainable place, through his actions and words. In his free time, he attempts to write poetry and essays about things that move him.

Shikha Vermani graduated in 2020 from the Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA) after her BSc in Biotechnology, and has since had the privilege of engaging with rural India from close quarters. She also enjoys belly dancing and has started a dance studio of her own. She is currently working as a Research Analyst at AMS India.

Anugraha Thorat graduated from St. Xavier’s College with a double major in Sociology and Anthropology. She can read, write and speak in 4 languages apart from English and Hindi. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Linguistics at English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad

Mahima Moses is a student of Psychology and Anthropology at St. Xavier’s College and has always been extremely passionate in exploring and drawing light upon the lived realities of people who are often underrepresented or ignored from the usual national narrative presented. It is her wish, that through articles such as this, younger audiences are inspired to become more empathetic and politically aware citizens.

Sanjana is pursuing a Master’s degree in Economics at the University of Mumbai. She likes to express herself in the form of writing. Apart from this she likes cooking and is interested in learning about culinary history. She believes that food brings us together.

Anshika Goel is an English literature student at Lady Shri Ram college. She is a feminist and strongly believes in equal opportunities for everyone. In her free time you’ll find her binging on Netflix or devouring a good book.

Isha is a final year student of Applied Art (Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art), a freelance designer and a reporter at Mumbai Times. As a reporter, she writes about budding young designers and design culture in Maharashtra. She derives her design inspiration from her interests in world animation, comics, pixel art, gaming, and music. To create a cyberpunk universe inspired by Mumbai’s ‘vocal for local’ is her ultimate jam.

Dnyaneshwari is currently pursuing her master’s in Women Studies from TISS Mumbai. She is a gender enthusiast who loves to absorb whatever goes on in the world around her and weave lucid tales out of it. She’s introspective, observant, and doesn’t quit easily till she perfects the intricacies involved in a task. Through her introspection and determination, Dnyaneshwari aims to advocate gender equality through her writing.

Soon after completing her engineering, Sidra started writing for a weekly newspaper – Patriot. She believes that everyone is gifted for something, and that thing, at whatever cost must be attained. Sidra completed her MBA in 2020 from Jamia Hamdard University and started working as a Social Media Executive at a software company. All these years, she has developed a strong passion for journalistic writing and wishes to pursue a master’s in the same field. In her free time, she loves reading sci-fi novels and binge-watching movies. More likely to be found on a couch sipping freshly brewed coffee!

Ayushi teaches English literature and Communication at the University of Delhi. She also works as a writer, book editor, and content strategist. She holds a deep passion for words, stories, and mental health. She believes that magic happens when we create empathetic spaces where people can talk and experience the interconnectedness of being human. Someday, she dreams of writing a book and being loved for her words. When not lost in the Hamletian delimma of what to be or not to be, she can be found scribbling poetry at her blog twostrings.in

Vibha is a second year undergraduate student pursuing Computer Science from BITS Pilani. She is a sports enthusiast and likes to read, write and play guitar in her spare time.