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  • To check out domestic worker-turned-stand-up comedian Ms. Deepika Mhatre’s work, click here.
  • To check out videos from ILO’s We Have The Same Rights Campaign, click here.
  • Here is a short video by Indian Express about the hardships faced by domestic workers during the lockdown.
  • Check out 2018 Spanish masterpiece Roma which follows Cleo, a young domestic worker for a family in the middle-class neighborhood of Roma in Mexico City here.
  • The film Delhi in a Day (2011) tells the story of an British traveler who finds himself in a home where poorly-paid and vulnerable domestic workers are taken for granted and casually humiliated. Check it out here.
  • The movie Sir (2018)  tells the love story of a domestic help and the son of her upper-class employer. Ratna, the housemaid, hopes to be a fashion designer but back home in her village, she’s defined by her deceased husband. In Mumbai, her employer becomes her identity. Take a look here.
  • Click here to watch Mr. Arbind Singh, National Coordinator of NASVI, talk about the organization and street vending in India.
  • Judith: Portrait of a Street Vendor is a documentary about the life of Judith, a street vendor from Guatemala who lives and works in New York City. It depicts her routine obstacles and struggles she and her fellow immigrant vendors face. Check it out here.
  • Street Vendors: Their Voices, Their Stories features thousands of rural women who come to the city of Hanoi to work as street vendors. Here, they talk about their lives and their families, about their hopes and their dreams, and about the many difficulties they face as they try to balance their time between city and country.
  • To watch the trailer for the movie Sui Dhaga which sheds some light into the lives of those working in the garment sector, click here.