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How can we, as individuals, contribute to safer, inclusive, better working conditions? How can we participate as equals, being empathetic for the women in our lives who in some way or the other ensure smoother lives for us? This section raises some questions and hopes to help us introspect on how we perceive, participate and strive towards progress with the women in the informal economy.

March, 2021

The Blue Divide in March 2021

From the Editor’s Desk – Snippets of what The Blue Divide brought to you in March 2021

2 minutes read

January, 2021

Chia in the cold

A light conversation with members of an SHG, situated somewhere in the hills of Darjeeling

3 minutes read

November, 2020

Anubandh – Transforming livelihoods

In conversation with the project leads of Anubandh, an initiative by SEWA Bharat, about the origin, the challenges, and the achievements of the initiative

7 minutes read

October, 2020

The occupational spectrum

An analysis of the status of women in the construction industry – In conversation with Ms. Jayasree and her insights about what women do in this industry and why

7 minutes read

October, 2020

A union for domestic workers

In conversation with Meva Bharti, a social activist and the founder of the first women’s union in Rajasthan

4 minutes read

October, 2020

Paving the way for street vendors

In conversation with Mr. Arbind Singh, National Coordinator, NASVI

4 minutes read

September, 2020

Domestic work in the post-COVID world

Here are some Dos and Do-nots for you to help your help during these trying times

3 minutes read

July, 2020

Empowering women, step by step

KKPKP/ SWaCH a model of partnership between a former Trade Union and the Pune Municipal Corporation – In conversation with Ms. Shabana Diler and her insights about the SWaCH co-operative.

5 minutes read